Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How does the Bank of the West Corporate Card Rewards program work?

You will automatically earn points when you make purchases on your eligible Bank of the West Corporate Card. Once you accumulate enough points, you can use them for rewards such as travel, travel packages, gift cards, or merchandise.  

2.     How do I view my Rewards account information?

You need to register the first time on the Bank of the West Corporate Card Rewards website by clicking on the "Register" link. Upon registration, you can view your rewards under "My Points" located on your left-hand side of the page. If additional assistance is needed, please contact the Bank of the West Corporate Card Rewards Redemption Center at 1-800-921-6407.  

3.     When will my points be posted to my Rewards account?

Your new points will be updated daily on your Rewards account after the purchase transaction has posted to your Commercial Card. This process typically takes 1 or 2 days. In rare instances, depending on processing days and holidays, it may take a little longer.  

4.     How do I redeem my points?

Redeem points at your convenience by logging into the Bank of the West Corporate Card Rewards site at If you prefer to redeem by phone you can call the Bank of the West Corporate Card Rewards Redemption Center at 1-800-921-6407.  

5.     Will my points ever expire?

Your points are yours for the life of the account as long as your account is in active status. Your points will expire if there is no purchase activity on your Rewards account for six consecutive months. Your full balance of points will never expire as long as you have card activity at least once every six months.  If your account is closed for any reason, you will forfeit any rewards you have not redeemed.

6.     How do I redeem for travel?

Search and redeem for your airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, and cruises under the Travel Section of the corporate rewards website. You have three options to redeem for Travel:  

·        Points: Use rewards points to cover the full amount of the airline ticket/car rental/hotel and cruises.

·        Pay Cash: The full amount of an airline ticket/hotel/cruise/car rental will be charged to the credit card of your choice.

·        Points + Cash: Enter the number of points you wish to redeem and pay for the remainder of the balance using a credit card.

7.     Whom should I contact if something goes wrong with my flight?

You should contact the airline directly or you can contact the number printed on your travel itinerary. You will receive airline contact information on your flight itinerary, which will be emailed to you after you redeem points for air travel.  

8.     What happens if I cancel a flight booked through Bank of the West Corporate Card Rewards?

Tickets and fees are non-refundable. Any changes to the flight itinerary must be handled directly with the airline. You may be subject to fees enforced by the airline for changes to your flight itinerary.  

9.     Can I combine my Bank of the West Consumer Card Rewards points with my Corporate Card Rewards points?

No, you cannot combine the points earned on a Bank of the West Consumer or Small Business Card with the Rewards earned on a Corporate Card.  

10.     What are the eligibility requirements to redeem rewards?

Your account must be open and in good standing to be eligible to redeem for rewards.  

11.     Can I redeem my rewards points for cash?

No, you cannot redeem your reward points for cash.

12.     Can I redeem Southwest Airlines tickets on the website?

No, you cannot redeem Southwest Airlines Tickets or other low cost airlines on the website. You may redeem Southwest Airlines tickets by calling the travel rewards fulfillment center at 1-800-921-6407.  

13.     Where do I find my points summary?

Once signed on to the website, just click the My Points link located on the left hand side below the Point Balance Section. Once there, to see more details, click on the plus sign to expand the different subsections (Accumulation Detail, Redemption Detail, etc…).  

14.     What does points redeemed mean?

These are the points you have already redeemed for Rewards. They have been subtracted from your Rewards Point balance.

15.     Are there any membership or enrollment fees?

In order to earn points through your Bank of the West Corporate Card, you must enroll your Card in the Bank of the West Corporate Card Rewards Program, which has an annual membership fee. Please see the Corporate Card Rewards Program terms and conditions for additional details.  

16.     What redemption items are available?

We have a wide variety of gift cards, merchandise items, experiences and travel options to choose. We’re always updating our catalog with new offerings so check back this website often! If you have questions about the catalog, please call us at 800-921-6407. Our agents are always informed about the current offering.  

17.     Are gift cards shipped/trackable?

Gift Cards are shipped within 5-7 business days from order date. Orders under $250 are shipped via regular US mail. Orders over $250 are shipped UPS trackable. They can take up to 3 weeks to arrive as that is dependent on USPS and UPS. We are able to escalate only if they have not been received by the 3 weeks’ timeframe.  

18.     Can gift cards be expedited?

No, expedited delivery is not available.

19.     How long do I have to report issues with my gift cards or merchandise ordered?

You have 90 days to report any issues with Gift Cards for either a refund of points or reissue of gift card. For Merchandise, you have 10 days to report to obtain a new product or refund of points.  

20.     Is there a fee to change a flight?

Flights can be changed within the first 24 hours of booking for a $50 fee per ticket. After 24 hours, airline change fees plus $50 per ticket apply.

21.     Can same day flights be booked?

Flights booked online must have a departure date at least 3 days from the date in which the booking is made. Flights with a departure date 24 to 72 hours out can be booked by calling us at 800-921-6407.  

22.     The hotel front desk agent is unable to locate my reservation. What can I do?

·        Front desk agent did not look in the pre-paid system. Hotels have two systems: pre-paid and reservation. Have them check both locations.

·        Front desk agent entered the guest name incorrectly (example: guest indicates the reservation is under the company name when the reservations is actually under the guest/employee).

·        The hotel connector (our Rewards travel provider has 6 hotel connectors/aggregators supplying inventory) did not communicate the reservation to the hotel. In this scenario, the guest should call us at 800-921-6407. If the guest is asked to pay for the reservation, please let us know. We will work with the hotel to obtain a full cash refund.